Edited by Ville Kellokumpu & Aapo Lunden

Carlos Tornel – Petro-populism and infrastructural energy landscapes: The case of Mexico’s Dos Bocas Refinery 

Marika Kettunen – “We need to make our voices heard”: Claiming space for young people’s everyday environmental politics in northern Finland

Ruiying Liu Strategies for sustainability in shrinking cities: frames, rationales and goals for a development path change

Keijo Lakkala Utopianism in the Age of Capitalocene

Luke Struckman Technological and institutional lock-in and excessive synthetic nitrogen fertilizer use on North American grain and oilseed farms

Suvi Huttunen Socio-cultural lock-ins and the difficulty of sustainability transition in fertilization – Response to Struckman

Silvia Secchi The political economy of unsustainable lock-ins in North American commodity agriculture: a path forward – Response to Struckman


Published: 2021-01-13