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The scope of the journal covers empirical and theoretical interventions from any branch of geography. NGP particularly welcomes research that is committed to northern dimensions of human, physical and applied geography.

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Vol. 52 No. 1 (2023): The spatial politics of depoliticization: Visionary planning, bioeconomy, and forest capital
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Depoliticization is a pivotal political strategy that defines the contemporary governance of core capitalist democracies. This thesis asks how depoliticization manifests itself as a political strategy in the spatial restructuring of the Finnish state space. The differentiation of the economic and the political sphere and the resulting ecological dominance of “the economy” under capitalism provides a unique setting for depoliticization to appear in the form of economization. The thesis applies strategic-relational state theory and the theories of uneven development to examine depoliticization.

The overall contribution of the thesis reveals how the material interdependence of the political sphere with other societal spheres and the social totality of capitalist society produces a specific place for politics that conditions its operational autonomy. The normative critique of depoliticization should move from the level of critiquing politics to a critique of the social totality which produces a specific place for politics.


Published: 2023-05-05
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