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Call for Papers NGP Theme Issue 2021 - Re-worlding: Pluriversal politics in the Anthropocene


The Nordia Geographical Publications Theme issue for 2021 seeks to shift focus from the broad universal thinking of the Anthropocene-Capitalocene to multi-scalar and mid-level concepts that enable a better understanding of socio-environmental changes. This year’s Theme Issue: Re-worlding: Pluriversal Politics in the Anthropocene, draws on the ontological turn in social theory seeking to highlight the relational character of politics by paying attention to the diverse ways of being, existing, inhabiting and building worlds.

Concepts like Conviviality and Buen Vivir in Latin America, Degrowth in Europe and North America and a struggles for the commons elsewhere have highlighted these modes of transition beyond the Anthropocene towards a cosmopolitan or pluriversal process of Re-worlding (Salleh, 2020). In this light, the problems of our times are not based on a lack of development, progress or economic growth, “but in the conception of development itself as a linear, unidirectional, material, and financial growth, driven by commoditization and capitalist markets” (Kothari, et al. 2018: xxii). This year the Theme Issue invites authors to contribute with conceptualizations, empirical examples and reflections form the middle-ground that seek to contribute to the pluriversal and ontological politics in the Anthropocene.

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Current Issue

Vol 49 No 5 (2020): NGP Yearbook 2020 Political Ecologies of Inertia

Edited by Ville Kellokumpu & Aapo Lunden

Carlos Tornel – Petro-populism and infrastructural energy landscapes: The case of Mexico’s Dos Bocas Refinery 

Marika Kettunen – “We need to make our voices heard”: Claiming space for young people’s everyday environmental politics in northern Finland

Ruiying Liu Strategies for sustainability in shrinking cities: frames, rationales and goals for a development path change

Keijo Lakkala Utopianism in the Age of Capitalocene

Luke Struckman Technological and institutional lock-in and excessive synthetic nitrogen fertilizer use on North American grain and oilseed farms

Suvi Huttunen Socio-cultural lock-ins and the difficulty of sustainability transition in fertilization – Response to Struckman

Silvia Secchi The political economy of unsustainable lock-ins in North American commodity agriculture: a path forward – Response to Struckman


Published: 2021-01-13
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