Author guidelines for theses


Guide for doctoral candidate


Publication offer

Publishing in Nordia Geographical Publications -series (Nordia) requires submitting a publication offer to Geographical Society of Northern Finland (Send it to the editor who will forward it). The board of the Geographical Society of Northern Finland will process the publication offer in a meeting. Already before submitting the publication offer, it is advised to contact the editor (, who can give more information regarding the timetable of the next meeting and other editorial works possibly in progress, which may affect the timetable of thesis editing. Publication offer should contain information about manuscript headline and name of the author(s), approximate number of pages, number of appendices and also information about the number of copies to be printed and who pays the printing. Publication offer form can be acquired from the editor.


Manuscript preparation


The manuscript should be written in Word (spacing 1,5 and font Times New Roman size 12). All text formatting (excluding justification, hyphenation or space bar) should be removed. The manuscript is provided to the editor in two different version (Formatted and unformatted), which can be sent as email attachments. The formatted version should include the hierarchy of headlines, places of tables and figures and equations, italicized texts and all other deviations in the body text. The unformatted manuscript should preferably be given in .doc or .docx format (tables and figures removed).

  • The unformatted version of the manuscript should contain the places of figures and tables and equations (Mark them with text Table/Figure 1, etc.).
  • Author publishing in Nordia is responsible for providing a proper language check (spell check and grammar check) before starting the editing process.


In the text, references should be indicated by giving the author’s name and the year of publication (Hjort et al. 2010; Varanka & Luoto 2012; Alahuhta & Heino 2013).

In making the reference list, the instructions in Terra also apply in Nordia ( References are listed alphabetically at the end of the paper under the heading References. References must be separated by a 1 cm hanging indentation from the second line. Names of journals and books should be italicized. Unpublished theses, reports and manuscripts should not be italicized. Avoid capital letters but for first words of a sentence and proper names. Give journal titles in full with volume: number, inclusive pages. Page numbers are separated with the en-dash (longer than the hyphen).


Journal article

Rozman, A., J. Diaci & F. Batič (2013). Functional analysis of vegetation on alpine treeline ecotone in the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps in Slovenia. European Journal of Forest Research 132: 4, 579–591.

Dunnett, O., A. S. Maclaren, J. Klinger, K. M. D. Lane & D. Sage (2017). Geographies of outer space: Progress and new opportunities. Progress in Human Geography.

Kurkela, P. (1978). Miten hoidan poroa. Nordia Tiedonantoja 1978: 5, 1–124.


Elden, S. (2013). The birth of territory. 493 p. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. 

Deleuze, G. (1994 [1968]). Difference and repetition [Différence et répetition]. Translated by Patton, P., 350 p. Athlone Press, London.

Edited book

Brown, T., S. McLafferty & G. Moon (2010; eds.). A Companion to health and medical geography. 640 p. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester. 

Chapter of book

Agnew, J. & D. Livingstone (2011). Introduction. In Agnew, J. & D. Livingstone (eds.): The SAGE handbook of geographical knowledge, 1–18. Sage, London.

All other publications 

Geurs, K. & J. Ritsema van Eck (2001). Accessibility measures: review and applications. Evaluation of accessibility impacts of land-use transport scenarios, and related social and economic impacts. RIVM report 408505 006. 265 p. <> (accessed 8 Aug 2012). 

Tables and figures

Tables and figures are provided in electronic format, including the captions for tables and figures. Pictures and charts should be provided in .tif -format, and the resolution of pictures should be at minimum 300 dpi. Tables should be made in Word and provided in .doc or .docx format without any formatting. It is adviced to take into account that the Nordia is of size B5.

Also, charts or figures made of text boxes in Word should be provided as figures.

Equations are provided in .tif format and as high resolution as possible.

Figures, tables and photos should be provided in a grey-scale format as any printed colour pictures are paid by the author. In electronic format it is possible to have also colour pictures without any extra charge.



Timetable of each work is agreed with the editorial team of the Geographical Society of Northern Finland. When providing the publication offer, the tentative timetable should be stated. When the board of the Geographical Society of Northern Finland has accepted the publication offer, a more specific time table will be agreed on:

  1. Date when the editorial team should have all the material so that the editing process may start.
  2. Date when the editing should be finished, and the work is given back to the author ready for print.

If material is not with editorial team on agreed date, the finishing date of the work may shift as many working days as it has been initially delayed. 



The author is responsible for acquiring quotes from printing houses if needed, and submitting the work to print. The need for asking printing quotes is discussed together with the editor.

The number of copies needed to be printed is seen in the publication offer template. It is advised to check the latest numbers from the editor.

Possible places where to print:

Punamusta Oy

Grano (Oulun Kopiokeskus Oy) 



Geographical Society of Northern Finland pays the obligatory copies of the society. Doctoral candidate (or her/his project, employer etc.) is responsible for paying the obligatory university copies and the personal copies of the author.


Applying for compensation from obligatory university copies

The doctoral candidate can apply for compensation from the obligatory copies of the university (see Acta pages: 


The doctoral candidate is responsible for paying all the colour pictures in the printed format. In the electronic format, there may be colour pictures without any extra charge.

The Geographical Society of Northern Finland has the right to sell and distribute any work published in Nordia.

The Geographical Society of Northern Finland has the right to publish the thesis in electronic format in the society’s or Nordia’s web pages. 



Remember to ask written permission from publishers to reprint any previously published material in Nordia (e.g. articles). Permission should also be asked for article manuscripts that might be currently in press or accepted to be published elsewhere. At the same time, it is advised to ask permission to republish previously published figures or tables if they are used in the summary section of the thesis.

Permission should also be asked for selling the printed thesis. Note that this can be a time-consuming process! When asking the permission, it should be stated that thesis containing the articles is sold 30 pieces at most, and articles are not included in the electronic format of the thesis. 


Things to remember:

  • Send the material to the editor in time (six weeks is usually the minimum!).
  • Do the language check and needed corrections before delivering the material for editing.
  • Make sure the figures and tables are in the right format and size before sending the material for editing.
  • Go through the layout-edited version (.pdf) carefully. Before printing, there is still some time for changes.
  • Check at least these:
    • page numbering
    • table of contents
    • hyphenation
    • front and back cover
    • text in the covers
    • pictures and tables and their captions
  • Order the loose-leaf copies of the thesis in a folder for yourself, opponent(s) and custodian (kustos). Folders can be bought in Punamusta.
  • Remind the printing office of sending the complimentary copies.
  • The doctoral candidate is responsible for:
    • Providing the publication offer to the board on the Geographical Society of Northern Finland
    • Asking printing quote(s) from printing house
    • Ordering the prints form printing house (including the sending of the material to the printing house)
    • Proofreading and accepting the edited version of the thesis
    • Distributing the thesis